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Domaine de la Bégude
Bandol, France

The history of this estate is a thousand years old. Domaine de la Bégude is a kind of aerial balcony over the Big Blue, at the top of the Bandol appellation, swept by the mistral wind. The vines are like a mosaic of 55 little different plots through the ‘garrigue’ and the cellar is actually an old chapel from the 7th century. Guillaume Tari fell in love with this exceptional terroir, between the sea and mountains. As soon as he arrived in 1996, he banned all brutal intervention, pesticides and chemical fertilizers and favored seasonal farming methods, in particular plowing and manual harvesting. His wines are without artifice, out of fashion, pure reflection of the terroir and the personality of the vintage. Here the Mourvèdre grape dominated and gave a true and intense character to the wines. Authentic!

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