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Louis-Antoine Luyt
Maule Valley, Chile

First arrived in Chile in 1998, Louis-Antoine (Burgundy native) started working in a restaurant and after a few years, he founded  his own wine company named Clos Ouvert. After the 2010 earthquake, Clos Ouvert unfortunately ceased to trade but Louis Antoine continued the adventure by refocusing his aim towards the making of quality natural wines, especially from Pais local grappe. 2010 was the first vintage of the Paìs line, the only line of Chilean wines following the European model of using the same varietal to highlight different terroirs. Chile was never struck with phylloxera, and these vines are all very old and still on their original rootstock, some of them are 300 years old! All the vines are tended organically and many parcels are worked by horse and nothing is ever irrigated, a true rarity in Chile. Pipeño is derogatory slang for peasant wine, usually made with the Paìs grape. Here the terroirs and farmers are highlighted on each bottle. The fermentations take place in traditional, open-top lagars (vats), and are made in an  easy drinking style typical of what the farmers produce for their everyday consumption.The wine ferments with  its native yeasts and only a minimal amount of sulfur is added at bottling. All of Pipeños come in one liter bottles. A true experience!

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