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Wein Goutte
Burgenland, Austria

This is the story of two wine enthusiasts, started during the harvest of 2018 in Austria. 
Emily  wine director of Restaurant Candide in Montreal) and Christoph (cellar master at Weninger)  started their Wein Goutte project together that year. All the grapes came from Weninger vineyards on both sides of the Austro-Hungarian border and has had a biodynamic approach of viticulture for more than a decade now. They generously provided a space for Emily and Christoph for starting with a few barrels. Emily and Christoph decided to declassify their wines as Europäischer Wein cause it was their very first year making wine together and they have still a lot to learn and explore. By the way, they want to keep it as simple as possible, these wines are  made to be enjoyed with friends (or enemies) anyone you may call family, or just alone on any day of the week!

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