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Domaine des Mathouans
Roussillon, France

10 ha

In 2009, Aline decided to change her life and started a new adventure with her family. 
She will be a winegrower in the heart of the Roussillon wine region.
The Domaine des Mathouans was therefore born in June 2009, first organic and now biodynamic on the 10ha of vines.
The vines are treated with great respect and the soil as well, through a long and meticulous work: plowing on horseback or with a chaser, herbal teas and decoctions, and the spread of biodynamic mixture.
The grapes are hand-harvested and a strict selection applies to keep only healthy ones. Fermentation starts with indigenous yeasts and no oenological products are used in the wine making process.
Natural wines are the result of a philosophical choice aimed at rediscovering the natural expression of the terroir. It’s all about sensations, intuition and moon influences!

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