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Domaine de la Ramaye
Gaillac, France
6,5 ha

The Gaillac vineyard, near Toulouse (south-west)  is one of the oldest in France. Ramaye estate has existed since 1847 and the vineyard is divided into 12 plots of vines with clay-limestone soils.
Michel Issaly is a great defender of Terroir and biodiversity, a man of convictions and ideas, who articulates his personal philosophy on respect for soils and the expression of terroirs. The estate has been managed biodynamically since 2010.
Both red and white wines are made from old local grape varieties : Prunelard, Braucol (or Fer Servadou), and Duras for reds, Mauzac, Loin de l'oeil and Ondenc for the whites.
The average age of the vines is around  40 years.
The vinification is made as naturally as possible, to the rhythm of the wine and its evolution,  so the wines are produced in a low-intervention way and without inputs.
“You have the right not to like our wines” said Michel Issaly.

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