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Mas Foulaquier
Pic Saint-Loup, Languedoc, France

13.3 ha

This adventure, which began in 1998, is led by the couple formed by Pierre Jacquier  and Blandine Chaucha. These passionate winegrowers have restructured the estate, which has very ancient origins, moving it towards certification in organic and then biodynamic farming. 
Located north of the Pic Saint Loup cru, this estate is made up of a large plot of hillside facing south-west on limestone scree, mostly planted with Grenache and Syrah. It is the terroir of Foulaquier itself, to which is added  the more loamy terroir of Tonillières, facing north-east. The macerations are gentle and very long, without intervention, like an infusion, in order to slowly extract the materials and the tannins. Then, the wines are bottled by gravity after 18 to 24 months ageing, for preserving the quality of the wine as much as possible.
These are healthy, tasty and fragrant wines, mostly aged in a reductive environment.

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