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Kamptal, Austria 
4 ha

Located in the Kamptal region of northwestern Vienna, close to the Czech border, they cultivate four hectares organically and are also using biodynamics methods.
Josef Schenter and Julia Nather started their own vineyard in 2015, after collecting experiences in different vineyards abroad. Here the climate is cooler with lower night temperatures and the vineyards are mostly on rocky terraces on 400m sea level. Dominating rock types and soils are Amphibolite, Schist, Paragneis, layers of quartz, lime and a very typical topsoil layer of Löss.  Those facts contribute to the  minerality and the refreshing acidity structure of the wines.
They produce honest and pure wines , fermented with indigenous yeasts, without finings nor additives. Also the usage of sulphur is reduced to the minimum. The wines are vinified in old oak barrels until they are bottled unfiltered.

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