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Philippe & Catherine Jambon 
Beaujolais, France
4 ha

Former sommelier, Philippe Jambon became a winegrower in 1997 and quickly became a “natural” wine figure.

From the start, he works naturally in the vineyard with no inputs other than some sulfur and copper and conducts the vinification (with natural yeasts) and bottling without any chemicals.

Philippe’s vines are around Chasselas, a village at the crossroads of the north of Beaujolais (Gamay) and the south of Mâconnais (Chardonnay).

Philippe Jambon produces reds and some whites in a strictly artisanal approach based on healthy and very ripe grapes . The essential of his work is based on whole bunches harvest, long macerations, followed by long ageing.

His style hardly conforms to conventional AOC standards but seduces natural wines lovers by his vibrant, earthy authentic « wildness ».

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